Undertourism and Post-Covid scenarios in Italy

Post-covid scenario hypothesis Analyzing all possible future scenarios in terms of tourism, it seems that the most real and concrete hypothesis is to see the return to the rhythms of Italy in the 50’s and to the rediscovery of what we call “undertourism“. At such an uncertain time, however, it seems to us a concrete and real option. Undertoursim, what is it? Undertoursim means “people caring” tourism. We will return to the outdoor trips, to...

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Passion: a term, infinite nuances Passion is an essential value of our project, we know how much this principle means to many people, but also to us. That’s why we asked some people: “what is for you Passion?”, Michela D.G.Z. a writer, answered “Passion is also the moment of waiting for it, if I had to choose a synonym for passion, definitely I’d say care, attention and patience…”, for Adele, artist, it is “something that involves you deeply… and...

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We build together what comes next

Time as our ally The Covid-19 was a bolt from the blue for everyone, but we continue to work hard on our project. We strongly believe that the best way to face this situation is to build our future and try to be ready for what comes next. Therefore, we are dedicating this quarantine period to collect proposals of experiences and applications, so that we can better live the post-Covid situation thanks to the offer...

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