Can I host online experiences?

by Francesca Villa, May 27, 2020

Yes. You can host online experiences creating them directly from the app. In the creation phase you can choose how to lead the experience; many activities lend themselves well to the online performance.

Until the official launch of the app, only hosts will have access to the BETA version of the app, so for online experiences we will create for each of them the Facebook event on which to collect the reservations.

So, even if the app will only be available to those who offer the experience, everyone will be able to participate in the live: a link will be sent to the host of the activity and to the participants who have selected “join/participate” from the Facebook event.

The live will take place on Jitsi and nobody will need to log in on this platform

This feature allows you to promote yourself and your activity easily, we recommend you to take advantage of it!

To get the BETA propose your experience by clicking here.