Enjoylocal automatically generates a link for the live stream of your online experience.
The live broadcast will take place by videoconference with your guests on Jitsi platform.
To start the live stream:

  1. Go to Profile > Published Experiences,
  2. open the online experience you want to start,
  3. click on the “Go live” link that you find within the experience
    The link will take you to Jitsi, you can choose to make the video call in two ways:


  • From the app, by choosing “Download the app”, you will download the Jitsi app and make your online experience from the Jitsi platform (you do not need to download the app);
  • From the web, by choosing “Launch in web” to continue on the web and make it directly from Browser (Google Chrome recommended).

To proceed with the videoconference you will have to allow the use of the webcam and microphone.

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