A published experience can be planned multiple times, which is why, even if it has been done in the past and has no updated dates, you can add new ones easily.
Follow these simple steps to add a date:

    1. Sign in to the app
    2. Click the Profile icon (bottom right)  
    3. Select the experience on which you want to add dates (under “Published Experiences”)
    4. Click the Pencil icon   
    5. Go to the Calendar section 
    6. Select the duration of the event
    7. Select the date on the calendar
    8. Choose the start time and click “Confirm” (top right)
    9. Use the “Add” button if you want to enter multiple dates (follow point 8 again to add more)
    10. Click “See Preview”
    11. Click “Update”


It is important to have available dates, this will avoid the risk of not receiving reservations.

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