We build together what comes next

Time as our ally

The Covid-19 was a bolt from the blue for everyone, but we continue to work hard on our project.

We strongly believe that the best way to face this situation is to build our future and try to be ready for what comes next.

Therefore, we are dedicating this quarantine period to collect proposals of experiences and applications, so that we can better live the post-Covid situation thanks to the offer of many new activities to do around us.

Proposing an enjoylocal experience is an activity accessible to everyone, but organizing it is an activity that definitely requires concentration and time, and we know how valuable it is.

An app to support the territory

Currently our mission is even more important because we are working with the intention of being able to relaunch local tourism and to increase the interest in our destinations. Enjoylocal experiences will be activities carried out in our territory, and will be offered by small realities and locals.

We will give the necessary support to ensure that the proposals will be attractive and interesting, so that everyone will be able to enjoy memorable activities proposed just few steps away or in national places, and so that everyone can be able to propose, organize and guide their own experience.


Many are studying possible future scenarios and are making considerations about what the reality of post-coronavirus could be.  Italians are lucky to have spectacular places and small cities where to spend the future holidays or do activities in their free time.

We support the “Bel Paese”

We can say with certainty that: our Italy boasts cultural, faunal and natural heritage envied in the world and also that despite this we will have a clear reduction in incoming tourism, but this will have to push us to re-evaluate and choose more our territory, to prefer nearby destinations and to remind us that we live in the most beautiful country in the world.

It will be time for small destinations, passionate people who will be able to organize local activities, exploit their skills, and professionals from various sectors such as artisans, houseworkers and many more.

We support Italy, we support Abruzzo, and you are one of ours?

Offer your enjoylocal experience

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