What is enjoylocal?

Enjoylocal is an app for local experiences that is going to be launched, it is created to provide unique activities in Abruzzo and around the world.

Experiences have revolutionized the world of travel. This is the reason why we want to give the opportunity to travelers and those who want to take advantage of their free time in their territory to find and book experiences with locals . We want them to feel protagonists of the activity they will carry out together with locals and at the same time to express themselves by creating their own activities, guided independently in the place where they live.

What is an enjoylocal experience?

An enjoylocal experience is an activity that is not necessarily related to your profession, rather with your passions as long as they value the region where you live.

It’s a different activity than standard and impersonal tours, it will involve you in person because you will create, organize and guide your experience.

What kind of experiences can be offered?

All enjoylocal experiences enhance the territory and are linked to the beauties, products, traditions and customs of the region where they take place.

What’s obvious to you may not be obvious to another person. Do you know the secrets of where you live and would you be able to tell them to a group of people? Do you organize trekking and excursions in breathtaking places? Do you know a historical craftsman and would like to introduce him and his art to your guests? Do you love cooking, and would you be able to teach other people how to make traditional dishes of the place where you live? Would you like to organize horseback riding?

Each place has a lot to offer, so if you also love your territory and know the truest aspect, create your local experience and open the doors of your location to new guests.

I have ideas in mind, but I’ve never led experiences. Can I still propose my activity?

Sure. Enjoylocal hosts are not only professionals of tourism but also of other sectors that thanks to their skills and passions are able to offer an experience that reveals the authentic side of their place.  An example? There are hosts work in the field of agriculture and offer experiences in their garden making live an unprecedented and truly authentic experience in their city.

You can propose your activity by clicking on “Submit your idea “or if you feel confused and want to have a direct contact leave us your phone number in the space you find on the  page “Submit your idea” .

In which cities is enjoylocal present?

Enjoylocal is present in all of Italy: Abruzzo, Campania, Lazio, Liguria, Molise, Piemonte, Puglia, Sicilia, Toscana, Umbria, Veneto.

If you are reading but you don’t live in any of these regions, don’t worry, you can still propose your activity in your city!

Fill out the form “Submit your idea”.

What will happen to my proposal?

Your experience will be evaluated by our team and in any case, you will be contacted.

A dedicated team reviews your texts so don’t worry about how you write, but just about what you want to propose!

Once you receive confirmation, it will be visible in the app’s Home. You can share it through the “share” button and start receiving reservations.

Why should I offer experiences on enjoylocal?

You can use an app with numerous features by registering for free and becoming part of the Community of the first experiential tourism app designed for locals and therefore not only intended for tourists. This will allow you, creating your own experiences, to access new guests. 

Some of the different features in one app:

  • Booking management
  • Fast payments
  • Direct chat with your guests
  • Customizable profile
  • Sharing your experiences on your channels
  • Get to know the Enjoyers Community ready to get to know you

What does Host mean?

The host is the person who creates and organizes an experience and so the guide of an activity.

As an enjoylocal user, you will view the other experiences, book them and publish your activity with the same user.

You can publish your experience and at the same time book those of other hosts.

Is it mandatory to sign up to use the app?

No. The app can be used without signing up or registering.

You’ll be able to view all the experiences of enjoylocal users even without signing in.

Enjoylocal is a free app?

The app is available for free (iOS & Android) and there are no registration or subscription fees.

What will happen when I will register?

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have access to your personal profile that you can customize: add your profile photo and bio, your profile is your business card!

You can create your activities via the + button, also chat with experience hosts, receive chat messages (if you have published an experience) and of course book all the experiences available in the “explore” section.

What will I see in the “Explore” section?

In the “Explore” section, you’ll see all the activities that are more to your liking, but you will able to do your own searches as well.

Why should I book experiences on enjoylocal?

On enjoylocal you will find activities out of the ordinary and of all kinds designed to show you the best of the destination: from manual and artistic activities to trekking and outdoor activities.

The Enjoylocal team frequently reviews proposals and hosts who offer experiences to ensure users to have a remarkable experience.

You can plan experiences and book them, pay directly on the app, chat with each host, and share your experiences.

How do I change my password?

You can change your account password at any time.

To modify it:

  •  go on “profile”
  • click on “personal information”
  • click on “change password”
  • write the e-mail on which to receive the link to update the password
  • go on inbox and click on the link
  • insert the new password
  • Save

Which kind of guest pricing can I choose for my experience?

On enjoylocal you can publish experiences and decide what kind of compensation you want to receive. In fact, depending on your expectations or needs, you can choose from three types of remuneration:

  • Free: free experience, for experiences you don’t want to be paid for;
  • Tips: you will give your guests the right to pay you with tips, amount that will reflect their appreciation;
  • Fixed price: you will decide and you will enter a fixed price per person, on this sum enjoylocal withholds a small commission.

Can I host online experiences?

Yes. You can host online experiences creating them directly from the app. In the creation phase you can choose how to lead the experience.

The live will take place on Jitsi and nobody will need to sign up or log in on this platform.

This feature allows you to promote yourself and your activity easily: we recommend you to take advantage of it!


How can I lead online experiences?

Enjoylocal automatically generates a link for the live stream of your online experience.
The live broadcast will take place by videoconference with your guests on Jitsi platform.
To start the live stream:

  1. Go to Profile > Published Experiences,
  2. open the online experience you want to start,
  3. click on the “Go live” link that you find within the experience
    The link will take you to Jitsi, you can choose to make the video call in two ways:


  • From the app, by choosing “Download the app”, you will download the Jitsi app and make your online experience from the Jitsi platform (you do not need to download the app);
  • From the web, by choosing “Launch in web” to continue on the web and make it directly from Browser (Google Chrome recommended).

To proceed with the videoconference you will have to allow the use of the webcam and microphone.

How can I share the link of my online experiences?

Yes! You can share the link of your online experiences by clicking on the appropriate symbol [singleicon id=”fa-share” color=”#48009b” size=”1″] “share”.

Through this link people will be able to participate in your live broadcast.

Can I lead my online experience from my Laptop?

Yes! Simply copy the link of your online experience to your PC’s Browser. You can be find the link on the experience by going to Profile> Published Experiences.
For pc videoconferencing we recommend as a Google Chrome Browser, once you paste the link on your Browser bar:

1- you will enter the video call room directly;
2-you won’t have to log in or do other steps;
3-you will have to allow the use of the webcam and microphone;
4- you will be ready to make your experience online!

How do I add a new date on a published experience?

A published experience can be planned multiple times, which is why, even if it has been done in the past and has no updated dates, you can add new ones easily.
Follow these simple steps to add a date:

    1. Sign in to the app
    2. Click the Profile icon (bottom right)  
    3. Select the experience on which you want to add dates (under “Published Experiences”)
    4. Click the Pencil icon   
    5. Go to the Calendar section 
    6. Select the duration of the event
    7. Select the date on the calendar
    8. Choose the start time and click “Confirm” (top right)
    9. Use the “Add” button if you want to enter multiple dates (follow point 8 again to add more)
    10. Click “See Preview”
    11. Click “Update”


It is important to have available dates, this will avoid the risk of not receiving reservations.

How do I edit my profile?

To change your profile you simply need to:

1-Sign in to the app
2- Click on the Profile icon

3- Click on view Profile

4- Click on edit Profile
5- Enter all the information and then click on Save

Remember that the profile  describes you, what you are passionate about and what is your story. We advise you not to enter external references to sites, pages, blogs, the user will view your profile on enjoylocal and will possibly make the reservation directly on the app.

How do Reviews work?

All reviews on enjoylocal are written by Hosts and Guests who participated to an experience using our platform. In addition to a written review, Guests and Hosts are encouraged to provide star ratings.
The star rating provides a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 stars depending on the liking.
A review can be left after 24 hours from the date of the experience and within a maximum of 14 days, this to ensure faithful and quality reviews.

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