Enjoy the experience.
We’re local.

Enjoy the experience.
We’re local.

Unique and unmissable activities

Enjoylocal is the first free app that allows you to publish for free, lead local experiences entirely designed by you and book memorable activities led by locals, wherever you are.

What is an enjoylocal experience?

It is a unique activity where you can share your interests and passions with an ordinary person or an expert, anywhere in the world

Find the most singular activities proposed by people in your place, passionate about the activities they share.

Participate in local experiences wherever you are and in activities organized just a few steps away.

Enjoy in depth the place where you are, rediscover the beauty of your territory, its traditions, its secret views.

Find out how to turn your passion into an enjoylocal experience or how to engage new customers.

Run your activity as well and decide how to get paid.

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Do you have a passion? Share it!
Medical student

Passionate about History organizes walking tour revealing his city’s secrets.

Passionate about music

She daily cultivates this passion and leads classic guitar’s workshops.

He is retired

He loves painting and organizes evening workshops in his studio.

Tour guide

He organizes authentic experiences. He’s a Professional and he loves his job.

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