Submit your idea

Submit your idea

We are collecting ideas for the launch of the enjoylocal app.
The proposals that we expect are ideas of experiences designed by you and that you will guide independently.

You don’t need to meet “special” requirements


We are looking for ordinary people

People who want to offer an insight into their lives to tourists or locals.


We strongly believe that each person is unique

Each person is able to guide authentic experiences, because each of them is dictated by different life stories.


Think about what you love doing

Apply as Host of YOUR activity, submitting your experience.

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What do we mean by experience?

An experience is an activity that is not necessarily related to your profession, rather with your hobbies, passions, life experiences or skills.

Do you know the secrets of the place you live in and would you be able to tell them to a group of people? Would you like to organize workshops of photography, painting, theater or a musical instrument? Do you love cooking? Would you enjoy organizing horseback rides? Are you passionate about herbalism?

Turn your passion into experiences to share with other people and leave an unforgettable memory in their lives.

Start earning money having fun!

Submit your experience by filling out the form

Start earning by turning your passion into opportunities by creating activities and experiences in your own way.

Our Team will evaluate your proposal

You will be contacted for feedback or advices to improve it.

You will receive our confirmation

The experience will be promoted on social media and when the app will be released you can publish it and… you will be ready to receive your reservations!

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