Passion: a term, infinite nuances

Passion is an essential value of our project, we know how much this principle means to many people, but also to us.

That’s why we asked some people: «what is for you Passion?», Michela D.G.Z. a writer, answered «Passion is also the moment of waiting for it, if I had to choose a synonym for passion, definitely I’d say care, attention patience…», for Adele, artist, it is «something that involves you deeply… and that’s good for both the body and the mind.»

The etymology of the word (from the Latin late passio -onis, der. di passus, part. pass. di pati) certainly recalls an intense, overwhelming feeling.

In short, giving an universal definition of this term is almost impossible and even the different disciplines (philosophy, psychology, music) have identified meanings and facets for «passion».

At a moment like this when time seems to have stopped, our passions are a landmark in everyday life. You can still «take advantage» of this situation to slow down the pace and focus on yourself, on what makes us feel good and to brush up on old passions or to deepen them. In this sense, time has been and is our ally.

Job and passion

«Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a the day in your life» Confucius

Passion is the fundamental element for many areas: visual arts, music, letters, jewellery, gastronomy, sports and wellness and many more. There are those who have made their passion their work, those who live instead for their passion and without it could die «inside» and those who still use it to «get out», and those who would like to turn it into a job opportunity, but do not know how to do it. In short, every person lives it, rediscovers it, interprets it in an intimate and personal way and perhaps that is precisely why there is no universal meaning, valid for all. Of course, what Confucius said (571-479 BC) represents the aspiration of many. Is this Utopia or a real possibility?

The technology in support of Passions

Despite the various condemnations of technology, we cannot fail to recognize that it has provided us with valuable tools to improve the quality of our lives.

Enjoylocal is the app that was born to give voice to all the most varied interests of the #enjoyers and enjoylocal experiences are testimonies of passions and life stories and people represent the fundamental variant.

There are people who offer oil painting workshops or who organize social dinners despite in everyday life their job is totally another.

Enjoylocal is the tool that makes real something that for many is still a long way off: making their passion a job or a secondary activity, but profitable.

Learn how to turn your passion into a enjoylocal experience

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