Undertourism and Post-Covid sceniarios

Post-covid scenario hypothesis

Analyzing all possible future scenarios in terms of tourism, it seems that the most real and concrete hypothesis is to see the return to the rhythms of Italy in the 50’s and to the rediscovery of what we call «undertourism«.

At such an uncertain time, however, it seems to us a concrete and real option.

Undertoursim, what is it?

Undertoursim means «people caring» tourism. We will return to the outdoor trips, to choose closer destinations and re-evaluate even more our fantastic small villages.

Among the potencial places, there are listed all those places where the lifestyle is still authentic and not «invasive» and probably there will be a more conscious use of time.

A new «traveller»

The forecasts see a change in the nature of the traveler who will prefer destinations and experiences thanks to which he will be able to return home richer than before, learning new techniques, new customs, traditions and activities and rediscovering new passions.

So the new «driver» of tourism seems to be the search for psycho-physical well-being, rather than the discovery of new places, of distant destinations to «unplug» that was so much in vogue until now.

The center of gravity of the journey shifts

The focal point of travel and experiences will then move from the destination to people and in search of more authentic paths, of uncontaminated realities, really able to «purify», to allow a personal redemption and to bring people closer and closer to their authentic self and therefore to allow paradoxically a new connection with themselves, others and the world.

What will be the key words of the new post-Covid-19 tourism?

  • Safety (attention to hygiene standards)
  • Nature
  • Space
  • No crowding

People caring will be the driving force for a new self-awareness and for the re-evaluation and respect of the local territory and the experiences that people will offer. Security and social space are already marking our daily lives, but it may be the paradigm for more conscious tourism.

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